Okay, this is really awesome news! Today This is Synthwave has been released on cassette! There’s 19 totally awesome artists on there you probably haven’t heard of yet, including me.

This is a cool project from Red Manor Records, who found nineteen unsigned synthwave artists with awesome music and put it all on high quality cassette tape.

This is Synthwave! This is Synthwave!

For this project Cassette Comeback took care of dubbing the cassettes. They used high quality tapes and Single Speed Quality. You can read more nitty gritty details on the product page for This is Synthwave.

I don’t think I need to tell you how proud I am to be on this compilation of Synthwave artists. Go ahead, if you still have a cassette player (you do, don’t you?), go buy this awesome compilation This is Synthwave, enjoy superior analog sound quality. You’ll probably discover some cool new Synthwave artists in the process.

Buy yours for only 14.99

Okay – you don’t have a cassette player. I get it. But do you have a record player? We’re considering, maybe, releasing This is Synthwave on vinyl as well! This will be a premium quality double album. Leave a comment below if you’re interested!